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Ikhisimusi .....yona iyawaqenda amandola shuwa...

10 years ago | 10566 Views

Ikhisimusi :- Gone are the days where it meant a lot to have November and December. What I don't know is this is it because we have grown out of it or times have changed.

 I remember when I was young and I used to wait for Christmas ngoba kulapho engangithola new clothes and wait to see my family coming from afar so we gather together and have a special meal.


Maybe yours was different from mine in terms of izunzo. You see I come from a family that did not have much, I mean was we were poor in the eyes of others. Phela isigqoko wawusithengelwa ngekhisimusi kuphela and lanso sithengwe sibe sikhulu ukuze ukhulu lanso.

Memories I have was my father getting excited towards the end of year ngoba ezothola ibonus emsebenzini and kulapho esasithengelwa khona lenzo mphahla and the worse was the waiting for ukuzigqoka.  

Do you remember isinkwa esasile butter lejam yesunrise or  kwenziwe amabhazi eflour, kuphekwa irice, lechicken, amatshakada. lf you come from a better family kwakubulawa imbuzi or imvu lowo mnyaka uyabona ke liyizikhulu. Yah those we the day.


I remember sivuka ekuseni sisiyabukela ilanga kuthiwa liyaginda hahahah.

Well when all is said and done those we're the sweet memories of my growing up .

Christmas present:-  where it meant a lot to receive one than anything and that present was not an iPod or phone or computer games or anything that children of nowadays get, but was something that you never wanted to receive at that time of the year……that was izinto zesikolweni a  school bag or uniform or books for next year and you did receive this not because parents did not care for you to get  toys but because parents thought you will appreciate it next year and above all because labo imali ingekho to spoil you with what you thought Santa might bring. 

As I look back and knowing that I have few who can relate to my story let’s go back to nowadays  Christmas does it have a real meaning  like it used to be or is just one day we think is a holiday nje.


I Personal think to some it might but not most of the young generation it have lost that purpose real. I look around me and see commercial advert that say come a spend and spend more and I see kids who now demand and not appreciate the present but look at the present as a must have. It taught us to value money and value the work our parents did.


I miss those days where you could come together as a family sit and thank God for the year and go down memory lane of what have happened in the year.

where people could take out their speakers and the song of the year is playing  street by street.

Mina ngikhule ngimamela amaSoul brothers, imitshotshovu, etc and when a song could talk to you and have a meaning.


In my own understanding growing up Christmas was a time of giving, appreciating  one another and reflection for the whole year things accomplished and still in process to be achieved and thanks giving. A time where family came together and value each other. A time where one look back and say yah kulomnyaka ngisebenze kanje and I need to improve this and that. That gave us direction and purpose to start next year with new challenges within life and why you have to woke up and go emsebenzini. Ngoba whenever you work just ngoba kuyasetshenzwa then you have a problem of losing direction within a year lokukhathala within a year.    


Above all what did you do for the need this year beside your close family did you think of that neighbour otshonelwe yindoda watshiya abantwana or that husband olahlekelwe ngunkosikazi wakhe or those children abazintandane on your street you live by.


Sometimes giving is about cooking and inviting someone who can not have that food to your house and say woza I have cooked and we can share.

Check within yourselves and be honest with self see if since umnyaka waqalayo usiya ekupheleni manje uphe bani, kuphi and this is a challenge for each and everyone of us. if the answer is yes I did well done and if the answer is No then think of next year what you want to do about it. Sometimes its not about how much you have but what you give.  I got challenged by a friend who shared a story of someone it goes like this….there is this man who created a box within her own house where everyday every morning before prayer he and his family opens their wallet or purse and pick some money out according to their heart on that day and it does not matter how much it is 50 cent to the dollar or 10 dollar and go to the box and thank God for the day with that token before they go out or to pray and what amazed me was at the end of the year that man takes the money and count it and go to his country with it and help a family in need for Christmas.


I personal get blessed when someone say thank you to me it give me joy and it makes me feel real good.  


Mhlobo wami woba lokhisimusi omnandi njalo lingene kahle onyakeni ozayo.



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Anonymous user 10 years
imitha ngokuphindwa ungalitsho uliphinde, upha omunye laye aphe umonye njalo njalo futhi uzizwa kamnandi ngemva kokupha isibongo endlovu egatsheni emageza ngochago ozitemokazipheli. ngkhumbula leziyansukukwakumnandi bro mike
Anonymous user 10 years
kanti kungenwa nini ngenxoxo akelingtshele lami ngfuna uku participater?Byo 24 lami ngingowakini ngaziseni ngenhlelo please ngiyacela bro mike
iNdabaNdaba 10 years
Lapha anyone can have their spot
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